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Build your own Virtual Manufacturing Application using vf-OS

EU Project - Virtual Factory Open Operating System (vf-OS) - http://www.vf-os.eu

Brief Description: The World is facing a 4th industrial revolution based on ICT where traditional factories will be increasingly digitalized and transformed into smart connected environments. These will integrate new platforms and services that help them become more efficient. However, European SMEs’ needs around Manufacturing ICT solutions are far from being satisfied in an affordable way leading to diverse and non-interoperable systems. vf-OS addresses such needs.It offers a manufacturing orientated cloud platform, supporting a multi-sided market ecosystem that provides of a wide range of services to achieve the connected factory of the future. The vf-OS Open Platform exploits advanced ICT (e.g., CPS, IoT, Cloud-models, M2M, security) delivering Software developers an Open Applications Development Kit (OAK) to allow manufacturing companies a fast way to develop and deploy smart solutions (vApps) for manufacturing and logistics processes.